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Monday, May 25, 2015



Further reflection.

On roles and improv games: some history of Follow the Leader.

Follow the Leader is the ultimate, distributed analog delay. What is interesting about this?

Like all Circulations, Follow the Leader is a means of measuring the attention and 'one-ness' of a group. Can I pay attention to more than one person? Can I track multiple (simple, evolving) parts as they flow around the circle. Can I receive a pattern from the person on my left that includes melody, tone, timbre, rhythm - and then pass that on to the person on my right?

Or: can I even listen to what is happening outside of my own inner dialog? Ex. "Do I suck? What is for lunch? My back hurts. I am bored. This is boring. I am boring. Is anyone looking at me? What would Robert do? What's in it for me? What should I say next to appear smart? Why was XX talking and bugging the living ^&*(% out of me? Do I look cool playing this part? Is it complicated enough so I look like I might know what I'm doing? Am I spiritual enough? When can I talk next? Is this almost over?"

If I am the leader: can I assess the capacity of each player in the group and construct / compose sufficiently simple parts that will successfully (and musically) make it around the circle without implosions or clogged transmission - while building a loop that takes on a compelling, musical life of its own? Can I construct something quickly that has a beginning, middle, climax and end without losing track of time and reminding everyone of their last trip to Guitar Center?

Or: if I habitually lead, can I follow? Or if I habitually follow, what happens when it's my turn to lead?

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