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Sunday, November 13, 2011


Paul O'Rear

Really? - I thought it was the other way around! Or at least an happy coinciding of music and words that seemed to belong together. :)

Steve Ball

Yep, Bret sent the words awhile back before we even began discovering and arranging the form of the initially improvised "5 piece."

"Words came first" means they were here and done - then they were applied to the music with a melody on top of our guitar parts.

"Music came first" (the way I often write) means the music is essentially done, and the words are written for and from the music -- by listening for what 'sounds' and meaning is already in the music, if that makes sense?

Either way, who knows where any of this really comes from?!? :)


Great to hear some new work!

Looking forward to the C3 project.

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