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Sunday, August 29, 2010


Paul O'Rear

Thanks for posting the article link - I was going to ask you about that again. The piano sketches continue to resonate well. I hear them almost daily as my alarm music.

Eve Adam

Google search always posts a picture of a small, blue-eyed, blonde child, when I ask for pictures related to "Harmonic Eve." I do compose music, or at least I used to compose, and I was a strawberry blonde, blue-eyed child. Your picture is labeled "Eve." Do you suppose as I do that someone at Google thinks that is a photo of me? Actually the picture of me is shown in the next line of the results, taken when I was eight, and showing in black and white. I'm just curious about your thoughts on this. Try putting "Harmonic Eve" into Google search, if you are curious and tell me your conclusions, if you have the interest in doing so. Eve Adam, a.k.a. Harmonic Eve

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