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Friday, January 26, 2007


Owen Temby

Dear Steve,

You rock! I really enjoyed your three solo albums but lost track of your music many years ago. Grad school will do that. I just checked out your site on a whim and am happy to see that you've continued to blog and that you have a box set out. I'll be pickign it up, as if it's half as good as the other stuff it's certainly worth having.

Keep up the good work. And lemme know if a guy now living in Ottawa can do anything for you.

Oh yeah--I have a blog site too (if I understand how this works, there should be a link that takes you there). All posts are related to my research though--complex systems theory, philosphy of science, global environmental governance--so probably not that exciting. Gotta say, though, that studyign philosophy at the doctoral level has certainly affected the way I understand Guitar Craft! ;-)

Steve Ball

Hi Owen - yes, long time no see. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your kind comments!

What is the URL of your blog?

Perhaps I'll see you on a Guitar Craft course again in 2010? Meantime, best wishes to you.

* * *

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