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Friday, January 19, 2007


Long Zheng

Hey Steve, I'm glad you commented on the topic. It's always good to see an inside opinion. But shame about your hour-long interview cut down to nothing. :(

Anyway, I wanted to clarify what I meant. By "fundamentally simple", I didn't mean in any way "oh how easy it is to create a brand sound". What I meant was, "four notes". I understand how much you guys had to go through for picking those four notes, but in the end, it was as "simple" as four notes. I hope you catch my drift.

Although that wasn't what I wanted to focus on. It was a long and hard process to pick what I think is a great melody, but is it "worth it"? Everyone's time and efforts don't come cheap, so how much did it 'cost' not only in terms of monetary value, but also opportunity cost. What could have been done better instead?

Enjoy your vacation :)

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