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Thursday, January 25, 2007



Hi Steve,

I have been mesmerized with your airport exercise ever since I first saw it posted on youtube. Can you share any pointers about how to play it? Do you have any music or tablature for it so that others might also learn how to play it? It is wonderful. Thank you.

Steve Ball

Thanks Gern -
I've had a number of requests for this over the past few months. After reading your comment, I sent mail to my good friend and GC instructor, Curt Golden, this morning about an idea for how to capture and transmit the essence of this exercise at a distance.

Watch this space for updates -- I hope to have something available in the next couple of months, perhaps even a 'how to' follow-up on YouTube.

* * *


Thanks, Steve. That would be most welcome. By the way, I love your CDs, too.

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