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Longtime crafty guitarist, singer, songwriter, guitar instructor, founder of the Seattle Guitar Circle. Steve Ball is an experienced, and often opinionated Artist and Engineer with definite ideas and a clear mission that does not always make for easy friendships or collaborations. He earns his living by solving problems, inventing solutions, connecting people, and managing complex projects involving large numbers of extreme, intelligent, and often extremely intelligent people, mostly music, art and technology mavens.


Over the past two decades, Steve Ball has toured, recorded, and performed all over world, most visibly as a member of 'Robert Fripp and the League of Crafty Guitarists' and various League spin-off groups. He is an active and founding member of the 'Seattle Guitar Circle,' and formerly a member of 'Prometheus,' as well as acclaimed Discipline Global Mobile artists 'Los Gauchos Alemanes,' and 'Electric Gauchos.'

Seattle Guitar Circle
Steve is also a founder of Seattle Circle, Inc. a local non-profit organization that sponsors music workshops, seminars, and concerts in the Puget Sound area. The Seattle Guitar Circle currently has about 30 local members, many of whom have moved to Seattle specifically to work with this project. SGC meets weekly for educational work in guitar and performance technique. In the past, the Seattle Circle organized and sponsored intensive weekend guitar seminars for aspiring and professional guitarists from around the US. They also organized and presented sold-out festival-style shows at the Broadway Performance Hall featuring internationally renowned artists, the California Guitar Trio, Trey Gunn (of King Crimson), and Los Gauchos (from South America). Seattle Circle has also sponsored week-long educational seminars with British guitar legend, Robert Fripp in the Seattle area.

The long-term mission of the Seattle Circle is to establish a music and performance school in the Seattle area for aspiring and practicing guitarists.

The Seattle Guitar Circle is the primary public performance troupe of the Seattle Circle organization.

Other Music Work
From 1987-1992, Steve was both a guitarist with and manager of the League of Crafty Guitarists, an international performance and recording ensemble founded by British rock music legend Robert Fripp. The League has toured and performed all over the world and has produced dozens of internationally acclaimed League-related albums. Most recently, Steve produced a compilation CD called 'The Plague of Crafty Guitarists' that features some of the more eclectic and diverse work of past and current members of the extended Guitar Craft family.

From 1994 - 1998, Steve made frequent trips to Argentina, playing guitar with League spin-off band, 'Los Gauchos Alemanes.' In 1992, he also became a partner in a record label and publishing company, Deep Music. The Deep Music catalog has eight titles in its catalog including a progressive collaboration with Sanford Ponder, Prometheus, and two titles featuring orchestrated fractal music by the LA ensemble, Botanica. The catalog also includes the first studio recordings by Boston singer, Mary Lou Lord.

Other Trivia
Steve Ball is also widely known among die-hard King Crimson fans as the designer of the 'knotwork' on the new remastered KC Discipline CD cover, as well as the King Crimson/Discipline Global Mobile/Possible productions and the Guitar Craft knotwork.

His most recent release is a 45-song, 3 CD box set of all new material.