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Saturday, March 05, 2005


Bill Campbell

This piece has been growing on me. I'm particularly taken by the piano chords, and how they slowly move over a driving rhythm and bass. The piano reminds me very much of Pete Townshend piano sketches (ie: his 'Scoop' material), and in this sense, I find myself drawn more to the instrumental version. However, having both gives a significant scope into just how you add lyrics to an existing musical soundtrack. I'm glad both versions are available. Many thanks, for these, and ALL the other music you share with us.

Steve Ball

Thanks for the great comments, Bill. This piece took awhile to grow on me as well - one reason: the piano part was recorded in one take and exists as it was played, warts and all, completely without editing, thinking, or analysis. The words, melodies, harmonies, and bass line also arrived in large, generally unedited chunks. The challenge was something this: what would this piece become if I were simply adding each new part as if I were drawing with Sharpies? Because of the "don't edit, just do it" process, the piece itself has so many audible warts (to my ears anyway) that I can't quite hear whether the song acutally works through all the roughness. But on the otherhand, it feels like a complete (semi-subliminal) message that somehow needed to be captured (or let out.) I'm not sure if it makes sense to anyone, but there it is.

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